Our 2018 Finalists

Age Rate

Age Rate has developed a prototype which uses a mouth swab and test to determine how well a user is ageing by comparing their biological age to their chronological age.

Altius Analytics Labs

Altius has developed hardware and software that allows you to seamlessly record and analyze 3D human motion. It collects full body movement data in any environment without having to use tracking markers or any other wearable sensors.

Braze Mobility

A sensor system that can be installed on any wheelchair and provide the user with feedback about obstacles in their blind spots.

DID Devices

DID Devices has developed a prototype for a 30 second test assessing an individual’s impairment from a variety of drugs and alcohol by measuring their capability to see threats and respond to them correctly.


The “AirBnB of hair, face and nails,” Fleeky is a social web platform that facilitates the connection between beauty professionals and beauty seekers. Beauty professionals can market, manage and grow their clientele as beauty seekers browse and book their services by location, price and reviews.


A profit-generating referral marketing solution that easily captures and shares photos and videos for the adventure tourism and camp industries.


A room-scale virtual reality tool used for sales training, pitch / presentation training and personal development, designed to make the user feel as if they are in front of an ultra-realistic, responsive audience.


MesoMat has leveraged the power of self-assembly to create advanced materials that stretch and move, ideal for filling the gap in the booming wearable tech industry.


A full service, on-demand storage system that provides the pick-up, storage and delivery of customer items.

2018 Semi-finalists

3DStream Inc.

A cloud manufacturing platform designed to increase your organization’s operational speed and cost efficiency.

ACTO Technologies Inc.

ACTO is an AI-powered mobile learning solution designed to address the unique needs of sales, marketing, compliance, and medical affairs teams in the life sciences industry. Our solution enables medical device companies to increase sales and gain more market share while being message compliant.

Hedgehog Umbrella

Nicknamed “the Incredible Hulk of the Umbrella Universe,” the Hedgehog Umbrella uses an automotive inspired design that combines durability and beauty into a single complete package..

Quote It

A mobile app that connects customers and service providers to get quotes for home maintenance and renovation needs.


An intuitive, fully integrated and easy-to-use system for freight quoting, dispatch, capacity management, load matching and real time asset tracking for supply chain management.

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