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golf scoring foundersWe provide golf clubs with a unique and entertaining online scoring system specifically designed to reward performance while promoting participation and increasing food and beverage sales.

Lusso Living Products Inc.

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lusso living founder Lusso Living Products Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the Easy Reach motorized cabinet. At the touch of a button, our cabinets lower electronically down AND forward toward the waiting hand of the user, bringing the contents of those cabinets within “Easy Reach” The motorized lift is hidden within the cabinet structure making the Easy Reach motorized cabinet indistinguishable from a non-motorized cabinet. Easy Reach cabinets can be placed in various locations within a home such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living room, garage and closets. Our products can also be used in commercial, institutional and industrial settings.

OverAir Technologies Ltd.

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Overair foudnersOverAir simplifies content delivery to smartphones by supplying and implementing Near Field communication (NFC) technology. We are the only supplier of NFC tags based in Canada and have the largest selection as well. Our secret sauce is a unique Tag Management Portal which allows not only for multiple dimensions of analytics to be captured, but the ability to change the functionality of the tag post-deployment. Meaning that NFC tags are completely dynamic and no longer need to be replaced when content is changed! Our Portal was built with simplicity and fluidity to support different applications: Marketing, Retail, Restaurants, Manufacturing, etc.


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painquilt foundersOur company is developing the Pain-QuILT, a web-based pain assessment tool that has been developed and refined by continual input from people who live with chronic pain, healthcare professionals, and the scientific research community, as a comprehensive, patient-driven visual assessment of the pain experience. Customers will benefit by solving the problem of assessing and monitoring people with pain, a process that is time-consuming for clinicians, and burdensome to patients. The Pain-QuILT will uniquely provide easy-to-interpret visual reports that track the pain experience over time, provide analyzed aggregate data, and will be used to coordinate with other pain providers.

Prevori Flow Control

Prevori Flow Control develops and markets a patent pending valve with a precise variable orifice, hence the name “Prevori”, which allows for precise control of flow rates once a precise pressure is applied. This valve will have many applications but the primary application is the disinfection of drinking water using gravity feed without electronic controls. This will have important implications in the developed world where it will allow us to consume alternative water sources such as cisterns. In the developing or undeveloped world, it will provide access to treated water for potentially billions of people for the first time.

Roux Commercial Kitchen and Commissary

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Roux Commercial Kitchen and Commissary foundersRoux is Ontario’s first licensed commercial kitchen and food truck commissary. Located in the heart of Hamilton Roux offers culinary entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch a small business and network with like-minded individuals. With a proven track record in the burgeoning food truck industry the “Roux Crew” is well equipped to help individuals navigate the often frustrating process of planning and operating a small business. We offer full service amenities including business services, consulting, graphic design and branding as well as access to a well-appointed 1300 sq ft commercial kitchen. Ask us, what can Roux do for you?

RZR Skate Blades

RZR designs and manufactures custom hockey skate blades. Our product follows the classic hockey skate blade design, but combines the highest quality stainless steels with the latest technology in custom precision manufacturing processes. The result is a product that is superior in all aspects of performance and strength.

Schopf Innovations Inc. (The Wedgie)
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tom schopf founder SCHOPF INNOVATIONS INC. designs, manufactures and sells innovative bicycle components to the triathlon and bicycling worldwide marketplace. SCHOPF INNOVATIONS INC . has created the “Wedgie”. Wind tunnel and real world tested, the “Wedgie” is the most aerodynamic, light weight and convenient way to carry a water bottle and tools on a triathlon bicycle.

Trend Trunk is a social marketplace where consumers across Canada can buy, sell and donate their fashionable clothing & accessories. It’s fun, simple, social and secure! In addition, through our Closets & Causes program we combine fashion & fundraising! You can raise funds while cashing in your closet or shopping closets you love, and donate up to 100% of the proceeds to any charity in Canada. Plus, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the full donated value! Cash in your closet and make money, or shop closets full of styles you love and save up to 80%!


WalkBug is an mobile application that provides an interactive walking tour experience. If you’re in a new city and would like to explore, WalkBug is your tour guide and will provide you with a content-rich walking tour of popular areas. If you find yourself at a large event such as Nuit Blanche or Doors Open, WalkBug will guide you through the sights, letting you know where you are, and what’s interesting around you. If you’re a hiker or a photographer looking for exciting new locations, WalkBug is your trail guide, showing you the popular wildlife destinations or beautiful nature vistas.

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