Congratulations to the 2022 Finalists

Thank you to our LiONS LAIR Partners including Futurprenur for their support to feature the finalist’s competition pitches.

Koble Care Inc

Koble is a digital health and well-being platform for expectant and new parents.


Chirp is developing a wall-mounted device that applies machine learning to radar data to remotely monitor the wellbeing of aging adults.

Boardball Inc.

Boardball is a new sport that lowers the barriers to playing volleyball by reducing the extensive setup required so that you can play anytime and anywhere.

SI – 13

Si-13 is the ultimate coating solution engineered for tools that operate on high performance metals such as superalloys.


Oombo is a safety equipment company that has a developed the world’s first all-in-one traffic safety device – the Castor Beacon – designed to replace outdated traffic safety equipment (road flares, pylons, and warning triangles).

Llif Healthcare

Llif Healthcare makes use of electronic medical record (EMR) data to provided practice feedback for healthcare practitioners allowing for clinical improvement, better care and purposeful change.

AGS Zephyr Inc

AGS Zephyr develops products and services that address the need to help the Commercial and Industrial markets reduce the risk of virus spread by its customers and employees while they are in congregating indoor spaces.


Authenticate any product in the world on blockchain — GRAPL provides infrastructure to track and eliminate counterfeits, stamp out fraud, and strengthen the relationship between consumers and brands.

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FuturU has developed 3D body scanners to monitor body size and health parameters during an exercise period or a diet program.


Canary SUBTECH is taking active steps to innovate what underground communications look like by offering high-quality audio, video, and other relevant data effortlessly to subsurface users (miners, first responders, etc.) no matter how far they are from the surface.


Prodana is a pay-it-forward crowdfunding platform aimed at making mental health counseling more broadly available by reframing it from a one-off transactional interaction to one of ongoing community collaboration.

Augere Corp

Augere, a cleantech start-up is developing corrosion-resistant tidal turbines to exploit oceanic currents to produce efficient renewable energy.

Johnson & Associates Canada Corp

Johnson & Associates Canada Corp. is a start-up company that designs and manufacturer’s hands-free/germ- preventative products for the commercial restroom to reduce germ transmissions to the user.

Inwit Solutions Inc.

Inwit focuses on empowering Canadians to take climate action with the issue of single-use waste in the food industry. Inwit is Canada’s first Zero Waste Takeout Food & Catering Platform. It is an innovative solution to single-use waste. A marketplace that encompasses a reusable container borrowing system, rewards system and a food ordering platform, all tracked by NFC technology.

EarthOne Inc

EarthOne plant monitors collect your plant’s important metrics and deliver science-proven insights to your fingertips via our app.

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