Advanced Solar Technology Solutions

ASTS is a Canadian manufacturer of RV parts and accessories. We create products that empower people to live in a sustainable, net zero energy environment. The designs of our products focus on energy/power savings, green technology, and aesthetics. Quality assurance is built into our manufacturing process, and we stand by the quality, durability, and functionality of our products. We put all our efforts into making your RV trip comfortable, while contributing to preserving the beauty of nature where you often spend your vacation.

Formarum Inc.

Formarum is a Canadian Corporation centered on an award-winning water disinfection device that has received positive acclaim and support from the industry and government. This device is an automatic water sanitizer for recreational water bodies with the ability to reduce Chlorine consumption by up to 90%. Our system enables consumers to reduce maintenance time and operation cost while eliminating the health hazards of pool chemicals and providing a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.

The Greenlid

greenlid logoThe Greenlid is the first completely compostable organic waste container. No more leaking plastic bags or cleaning your compost bin after every use. It’s made from 100% end-of-life recycled pulp paper, a material similar to egg cartons and is made leak-proof through a proprietary mixture of food grade additives. Using the Greenlid is easy! Just fill it, seal it with the supplied compostable paper lid and place it in your outdoor collection bin or even your home compost pile. Then immediately replace it with a fresh new container and never clean your compost bin again!


Hangry logoHave you ever been so hungry that you start to get a little angry? That is what we call being Hangry. We get it – you just want it now. We exist because we understand what ‘wanting it now’ means. We strive towards building sophisticated technology with seamless design that is simple to use and brings convenience to your fingertips. Hangry is a free mobile ordering and payment solution for quick-service restaurants. Hangry saves you time by finding local restaurants, ordering and paying ahead so you can skip the line and continue on with your day.


We’ve all experienced the pain in seeking out medical help from a walk-in clinic. The uncertainty in waiting, the inconvenience of additional medical forms and the sense of disconnect when visiting a new practitioner. We at QHealth understand these pain points and are motivated to enhance the user experience by offering efficient medical care solutions. QHealth is a free mobile platform that provides transparency of the queuing process, electronic medical forms and one-step, seamless check-in when arriving at a walk-in clinic. QHealth provides simplicity to the walk-in clinic journey and allows consumers to stop waiting and start living.

Ranggo Inc.

Ranggo is the only social marketing platform serving the restaurant industry based on immediate feedback of menu items. Through Ranggo, restaurants will gain insightful analytics and demographics about their customers, enabling them to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones through personalized incentives and coupons. Ranggo’s innovative yet simple approach can be applied quickly in the restaurant industry and scaled to other vertical markets to close the loop between businesses and their customers. Ranggo users can also use the application and website to discover and find the best food around them.

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatment

sound options logoSound Options Tinnitus Treatment offers a clinically proven, enjoyable, and affordable tinnitus therapy that is simple to dispense in any audiology clinic. We do this by using an audiogram and tinnitus pitch match to create a personalized treatment that can be loaded onto any music-playing device.

Special Appucations

Special Appucations creates interactive educational products that allow children with special needs to learn, practice, and play wherever they happen to be. All products are designed using specialized instructional programming and are based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). To date, Special Appucations has created two mobile applications (i.e., ABA Find It [a vocabulary builder], and Street Smarts [a safety skills program]). Overall, Special Appucations’ mission is to create innovative educational products that are accessible, effective and engaging for children with special needs, parents/caregivers, and educators.


Tangobits is a mobile application that helps home sellers list and promote their homes online. The application offers a compelling mobile experience that makes listing, promoting, and selling houses an easy and rewarding experience. The app also connects home sellers with 3rd party service providers such as staging and renovation companies, as well as legal services to help sellers close the sale of their properties.


VivaCity brings the power of complex, big data analysis to home buyers, real estate professionals, and community organizations by providing a quick, easy, and useful platform to rank and compare neighbourhoods. User selected livability and vibrancy data sets are analyzed by VivaCity’s proprietary algorithms to compute a resulting composite score that quantifies how each district, neighbourhood, and street satisfies the selected criteria. These scores are illustrated using vivid heat map visualizations overlaid on digital street maps, allowing for exploration of neighbourhoods of interest, and discovery of new neighbourhoods.

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