Antivac Corp.

antivac corp foundersOne of the biggest drawbacks that dog owners report to owning their dog is the smell of the dog and the hair in the house. We invented and produce a bathing system that: The dogs love (it feels much like a back scratch and a massage); Uses over 90% less water than traditional animal bathing; Is virtually mess free; Takes only minutes; Can be done virtually anywhere because there’s no need for a bathtub!


athelink founderAthelink will be focused on establishing a network that allows for management of sports leagues, teams, and individual athletes. Leagues, Conveners, Coaches, Parents, and Players will have the opportunity to convey information to each other regarding their league. Some features include schedules, standings, and player statistic tracking. They will also be able to acquire information about competitor teams and the players on such teams in order to prepare strategies for upcoming games. Athelink will save conveners time as all updates will be form based and don’t require any programming experience.

Gorilla Cheese

gorilla cheese foundersGorilla Cheese is a mobile food truck specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. Proudly serving Hamilton & area, we offer service on the streets, at festivals and at corporate or special events. Our sandwiches are made with the best ingredients, using Jensen Cheese and local produce as available. Our menu will also feature dessert sandwiches, and, as our menu progresses over a short time, tomato soup and baked beans made from scratch.

Illumacell Inc.

illumacell foundersIllumacell has developed patent pending light devices for a cancer treatment known as Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). PDT works by the patient consuming a drug with two key properties. 1) It tends to bond with cancerous cells and 2) it is photosensitive. When subject to light, cancerous cells bonded with the drug are destroyed. Illumacell light devices penetrate far deeper than available alternatives. Illumacell has solved the issues of adequate light penetration and has identified a safe suitable drug already FDA approved for other purposes. Ontario doctors have been using this treatment on patients with some great success stories.

PlayLab Inc.

PlayLab develops and delivers educational products that enable children to learn essential skills such as communication, leadership, critical reasoning, and creativity which are largely over looked by our school system today. Through PlayLab’s design thinking process, similar to Stanford Design Process, student both develop a deeper level of understanding of subject matter while working with peers to enrich skills. These hands-on projects allow kids to apply traditional school subjects, all while playing and having fun.

Quant Interpretations

Time is Money, and Knowledge is Power. Quant Interpretations is helping marketers make the most of these equations. Quant gives companies real-time access to detailed consumer intelligence that enables them make better decisions faster and with greater confidence. Quant’s “QiiQ” reporting tool helps organizations access deep information in seconds instead of weeks or months, enhancing tactical decision-making and strategic planning processes. Quant helps businesses generate rich insights from specific geographies or even their own customer data on demand with a fast and simple process.

TR Research

Our company offers a proprietary process of manufacturing cationic activated silica (CAS) polymer for water & wastewater treatment. Together with Alum, AlumCAS, replaces present chemicals in water and wastewater treatment and provides plant managers/owners with a quick, easy, and affordable method to effectively upgrade the capacity of the plant and the quality of their product (drinking water or wastewater effluent) using existing infrastructure. High capital expenditures in expanding capacity and compliance to tough environmental regulations can be avoided. The company also offers consulting, training, and operational expertise.

Verdant Analysis Inc.

jennifer cameron invrs founder and ceoWe develop and support online analytical tools to facilitate intelligent investment decisions.

Vida Holdings Corp.

vita holdings corp ltd foundersVida Holdings Corp. is engaged in the design, development and commercialization of the Multi Chamber Catalytic Convertor (MCCC). Our value proposition is based on improving the cost to performance ratio of catalytic converters for gasoline, hybrid, or diesel propulsion systems while meeting or exceeding the diverse and stringent emission performance requirements for original and aftermarket mobile exhaust systems.

Weever Apps Inc.

weever apps foundersWeever is a software service that converts your existing website into a mobile “app” that can be viewed on any touch smartphone. The software is installed by the website designer. The designer then chooses the content they want to display on the mobile smartphone, then they choose the links they want displayed such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. That is it! Now when a mobile device visits the website, the app recognizes the request is coming from a smartphone and converts it to an app!

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