dinnerlicious founderTired of last-minute dinner shopping with hungry and cranky kids? No more! dinnerlicious! plans three healthy delicious and affordable dinners every week and deliver the ingredients and recipes you need to make them. No stress, no planning, no shopping, no waste!

Dunlea Farms Tiny Feeder

dunlea farms bet hay founderWe make top quality hay for pets, in bags and in the TidyFeeder – a box full of hay that converts into a hangable in-cage feeder! Simple, fun, convenient!


Enthuzr is the engagement-based customer acquisition platform that helps you target, engage and amplify your customer base. Our software makes it easy for you to incentivize your customers to spread the word, influence their conversations and expand your reach throughout their social networks.


Don’t you hate missing savings on your favorite vendors? Or how about receiving irrelevant promotions that may not be suitable to you? Nervu changes that. Simply go online, select your favorite vendors, sit back and relax. Whenever they have a saving, sale or promotion, we will text message you to let you know. The beauty about this is you select what suits your lifestyle, we eliminate irrelevant spam and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

New Attitude

new attitude breast prosthetics founderNew Attitude is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of an innovative lifelike mass market customized external breast prosthesis that is the best breast prosthesis on the market. The New Attitude Breast Prosthesis comfortably restores the appearance of women and eliminates the problems women have with all other breast prostheses. More women are being diagnosed with breast cancer and more women today survive their cancer and live long productive lives. Using new 3D imaging and additive manufacturing technologies, New Attitude’s goal is to become the leading provider of superior mass market customized breast prostheses to a market that has been under served.

Ontario Bamboo

We are creating a local bamboo industry in Ontario. We have been growing and selecting bamboo that would survive in our climate. We have the first formal research and observation of growing bamboo for commercial purpose in Canada. A local bamboo industry in Ontario will create new opportunities for our country. The first of its kind in Canada. The products we developed are all hi-tech, renewable and sustainable. The government has been promoting bamboo as an alternative crop for the agriculture industry, it has been called the new ‘Microsoft’ of the business world.

Orbital Studios Inc. (Project Synapse)

Synapse enables customers to live smarter by simplifying the smart home setup. Current smart home systems are expensive, complicated and come with limited functionality. Synapse removes these barriers by providing affordable hardware, an extensible API and software that is easy-to-use, intuitive and available from any Internet connected device.


refficient inc founderREfficient is an online reuse marketplace for businesses. Looking to buy equipment for your company? See if another business has it as surplus first via REfficient.com. Save 20-50% by purchasing new/never-used, refurbished or used equipment, and get it shipped to your door while doing something good for the environment. Companies can also send surplus equipment to RE+ centres where it is resold or responsibly recycled, and receive sustainability reporting. We currently handle Telecom, IT, A/V and Contractor Equipment. REfficient now has customers around the world and have helped divert over 430 metric tonnes from landfill.


Walk around at any trade show in Canada and you’ll notice most merchants are selling $100+ items but they’re accepting payment either by cash or hand swipe machines. Those merchants have no choice but to use these payment methods because standard Point of Sale machines are too expensive for smaller merchants. Snappay’s solution empowers merchants of any size to accept creditcard payment easily and securely through the most convenient method possible, the smartphone that they are already carry with them. Snappay is your mobile POS machine, no crazy fees, no additional hardware, just sign up and instantly begin accepting payment.

Weongozi Inc.

weongozi founderWeongozi imbeds advanced psychology into technology to: improve response rates in advertising, solve customer problems quicker, and create great relationships. Best-selling author Shelle Rose Charvet is leading an exciting international collaboration amongst world experts in Computational Linguistics, Neuro-linguistic Programming, LAB Profile®, and Artificial Intelligence, including DFKI (The German Artificial Intelligence Institute). Libretta™, our major project, is a disruptive technology uncovering the complex motivators that drive people’s behaviour through analysing the language structure in their communications. It recommends the exact words and phrases that match how they think and make decisions to dramatically increase response rate, and solve customer problems much quicker.(www.weongozi.com)

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