180 Drums

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180 drums founder180 Drums helps customers learn to drum from the comfort of their home, or on the go, with interactive video drum lessons featuring some of the best drummers in the world. Students can create lists of their favourite lessons and earn rewards while they learn, and the online lessons are more affordable than one-on-one in person sessions with a private teacher. Community is at the center of learning with 180 Drums, as customers can connect with drummers all over the world and receive feedback on their own videos submitted to their instructors. Every lesson provides students with a written music score of their newly learned drumbeat and the ability to contribute their comments.


Brüha is a local entertainment and ticketing platform. It is an iOS, Android and Web application aiming to streamline the search for local events and purchasing online tickets. Users can log onto Brüha, explore events happening in their area, filter for content they’re interested in and purchase tickets as required. With its unique technology and user experience the company has set out to solve the question once and for all: “What’s there to do in my city?” (www.bruha.com)


caddle logo

caddle foundersCaddle is a web and smartphone app-based tool that allows companies to target, educate, and engage consumers, while deriving insights, and encouraging purchase. With the Caddle Ad & Questionnaire feature, consumers watch an ad followed directly by a questionnaire, and then get cash back for their feedback, engagement and purchases. Caddle takes all of the components of a typical national advertising campaign and puts them into their closed loop, simple platform providing companies with extensive and immediate reporting. Because all engagements and purchases are tracked with Caddle, companies can engage consumers who purchased (or didn’t purchase) products with future, more targeted offers, and even ask for feedback.

Altius Analytics Labs

Altius Analytics Labs has a unique approach to solving joint injuries, addressing poor movement quality as the root cause. Altius follows a two-tiered approach for treating injuries backed by a large body of scientific evidence: education of proper movement patterns and using smart exercise habits to strengthen tissues. The product consists of specialized camera hardware that tracks 3D human motion, and software using proprietary algorithms to analyze the user’s movement. This software acts as a user interface performing the measurements and analysis, as well as organizing results into reports for organization and documentation.


Dymaxia has created an Anxiety Meter App for children with autism. Using an off the shelf wearable wristband Dymaxia’s clinically proven App detects anxiety indicators (like heart rate) on a smart device. It empowers children and caregivers to detect anxiety and take proactive measures to alleviate an emotional meltdown, or to be notified when the child’s anxiety is rising to prevent an outburst from happening. The app will also collect data to help users or caregivers understand patterns around the emotional breakdowns so they can better predict and manage them.

GoWrench Auto

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go wrench auto founderGoWrench Auto specializes in mobile vehicle repairs. They service busy consumers and business vehicles with four to eight cylinder gasoline and diesel engines through a network of mechanics outfitted with the tools needed to complete vehicle repairs for brakes, alternators, starters, batteries, fluid lines and more right at the customer’s home or workplace. GoWrench mechanics are certified provincially with a 301S licence to carry out a variety of diagnostic services and repairs on most makes and models of vehicles. GoWrench offers convenience and saves time for the customer. And without bricks and mortar shops, they can keep costs lower than their competition.


HiNT is developing a wearable monitoring device using EEG technology to detect a stroke, alerting high-risk patients, their caregivers, and emergency services, while providing a medical report for the hospital. Until now, a stroke during sleep resulted in either debilitating effects or death. This is because sufferers of sleep strokes are unable to receive highly effective, yet time-sensitive treatment. Hint’s device provides continuity of care outside of the hospital and could save the lives of thousands of stroke victims every year. The device is a comfortable, wearable headband that patients can sleep comfortably with at night. (www.hintneuro.com)

Nix Sensor Limited

nix color sensor logo

nix color sensors founderNix Sensor Limited manufactures a revolutionary handheld device that allows professionals in all types of industries, including paint and architectural coatings, cosmetics, graphic design and printing, and food and agriculture, to quickly and accurately measure colour.  Nix allows you to scan almost any surface and get an accurate colour match. The results of a scan are instantly displayed on an accompanying smartphone app, and the resulting digital colour data (RGB, CMYK, XYZ and LAB) can then be converted into any physical representation, for example, a paint colour or plastic.

Nuts for Cheese

Nuts for cheese logo

nuts for cheese founderNuts for Cheese specializes in artisan, cultured, and 100% organic cashew-based vegan cheese products. Nuts for Cheese was established by a vegan chef and cheese maker with over five years industry experience. She started the company to supply vegan, health and environmentally conscious consumers with delicious, artisanal, and nutritious dairy-free, cruelty-free options – a market that currently remains under-served. Nuts for Cheese addresses three mass-growth markets: lactose intolerant or sensitive, vegan and vegetarians, and environmentally-conscious/flexitarian consumers.


suncayr logo

suncayr founderSuncayr has created Spot, a smart indicator of ultraviolet (UV) light that tells users exactly how effective their sunscreen is all day long. Skin cancer has become the most common type of cancer and the increasing diagnosis rate is a huge concern. Most people don’t use enough sunscreen, and don’t know when their sunscreen is no longer protecting them. Spot will help everyone enjoy the sun more safely by giving them constant feedback about their sunscreen’s ability to protect from UV radiation. The novel sticker mimics skin, and each user receives constant information about their sunscreen’s protection, which differs depending on whether they go swimming, sweat, or lounge on the beach.


tasytt logo

tasytt foundersTasytt is a web and mobile-based software solution that helps organizations get teams up to speed in an engaging way. Using Tasytt, anyone in an organization can share best practices, instructions and learning material with others. Uses include: new employee onboarding, compliance training, event preparations and more. By sharing and interacting on Tasytt, team members earn points that can be redeemed for real-life rewards set by the company. Tasytt is a software-as-a-service solution whose primary interface will be a third party platform like Slack.


TopSin 360 logo

topspin 360 founderTopSpin360 offers a neck-strengthening device that helps enhance the neck’s natural injury preventing reflexes. The device is permanently affixed to a helmet with a four-point chinstrap to ensure a tight fit to the head. Using a small, attached weight as resistance, the user moves their neck in a specific way to initiate rotation of the device. By measuring metrics like peak velocity, and time to complete 50 revolutions clockwise, and counter-clockwise, performance improvements can be assessed. TopSpin360 hopes to prove that those who perform better on the device will be less prone to concussion. In the longer term, they hope the device will also serve as a screening tool for concussion risk.


tron club logo

tron club founderTron-Club offers low cost, subscription-based circuit building kits. Each month, Tron-Club sends subscribers a kit with instructions to assemble over 21 unique circuits. Packages are designed to start simply, and become more challenging. Many pieces are included in each kit along with a booklet describing what to do with the parts. Subscribers collect and learn about many electronic parts and give the maker the ability to apply these circuits to robotics, home automation, and more.

Up Wee Go
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up wee go founderUp Wee Go has designed The StepUp Chair – a “Modular Seating Adventure” that promotes a child’s natural development. The StepUp Chair allows for gross motor skills development while the child climbs up and down the steps to their booster chair. It also promotes balance, coordination and healthy exercise. This sturdy, ergonomic chair cleans up easily and grows with children from six months and up. The company also plans a unique recycling program.

zippy jamz logo

zippy jams founderZippyJamz sleepers eliminate traditional baby sleeper design flaws and make diaper changing quicker and easier. The patent-pending sleeper has 2 zippers – the first zipper runs from neck-to-ankle for easy dressing and the second runs along the inseam for convenient diaper access. ZippyJamz sleepers provide quick and easy access for diaper changes, keep babies warm and covered, have fully lined zippers that won’t pinch a baby’s skin and are easy to zip even if baby is kicking or rolling.

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