Able Innovations

Zero-effort transfer technologies to reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for clients and caregivers


ARCH is a shared-equity housing program providing up to 100% of the down payment for first time home buyers helping them realize their dream of home ownership.


The BTXpen is the only dial-a-dose medication syringe in the world that can be filled by the user, it is a complete solution for providing safer, simpler injections.

Engagement Agents

Engagement Agents helps retailers engage their shopping centers’ digital and physical marketing channels, which they pay significantly for via their lease agreements, to drive impressions, traffic and sales to their stores and ecommerce channels while also saving them tremendous amounts of time, money and resources!

Green Apple Pay

Green Apple Pay has developed a software platform that integrates a cashless payment system for schools with an e-commerce marketplace for parents.

Grin Toothbrush

The toothbrush 2.0: Grin’s sleek aluminum handle and replacement brush heads use 85% less plastic than disposables.


IRIS technology enables cities to conduct real-time monitoring of road conditions using AI-enabled dash cams installed on city buses, garbage trucks and other ubiquitous city assets, saving taxpayers two-thirds of the cost of manual patrols employed by cities today.

KIRI Innovations Inc.

KIRI Innovation is devoted to developing affordable 3D scanning technology, the company’s first product Phiz is a high-precision desktop 3D scanner, first of its kind, that allows you to 3D scan anything in your smartphone.

Korechi Innovations Inc.

Korechi specializes in design of autonomous robots to simplify farm and turf care by automating repetitive and unsafe tasks.

Longan Vision

Longan Vision develops smart visor system for firefighters to ensure their safety and efficiency in the smoke filled environment.


Routible is the simplest way to optimize routes for multiple stops and multiple drivers.

Senso Minds

Senso Minds is creating a line of products that will help children with sensory processing disorder better integrate into their physical and social environment, by allowing them to reach their ideal functioning state.


SmartCane is a reimagined assistive tech. device for the visually impaired innovating on the standard white cane with object detection, GPS navigation through haptic feedback and computer vision to describe an individual’s surroundings.


Solodigitalis helps event professionals become more valuable to clients by offering powerful, flexible photo apps that expand service offerings.


The world’s first intelligent plug, seamlessly combatting standby power.