Albanese Branding is a generous returning partner of LiON’S LAIR. We chatted with Marketing Director, Deborah Konig, about why Albanese Branding stays involved with the LiON’S LAIR competition – here’s what she had to say:

Please, tell us about your business!

Albanese Branding & Communications is a full service marketing and branding firm. Our primary passion is to help our clients build better business performance. It is not enough to create greater awareness or ‘get the word out’ or be creative for the sake of creativity. The true measure of a successful marketing firm is how they help clients succeed and prosper. Our balanced approach of analytic, strategic thinking, marketing communications and breakthrough design is responsible for advancing our clients’ brands and business interests for greater, continuous growth.

Why did you/your business decide to (generously!) support this year’s LiON’S LAIR competition? How has partnering with LiON’S LAIR helped your business? 

We love to support the entrepreneurial spirit. The community is small, but powerful. It’s paramount to keep local businesses local, grow and strengthen the community as a whole, and attract new investment and opportunity. We understand all that it takes to succeed. We love being a part of the journey from ideation to execution. Collaborating with LiON’S LAIR gives us the opportunity to share what we have learned over the years, and is an excellent platform to give back to the community that supports us. We are thrilled to see others succeed and we take pride in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.

What was your favorite part about last year’s competition and/or gala?

It’s incredible how much the whole business community rallies around LiON’S LAIR. Everyone is there to support. There is a buzz in the room, it’s exciting. It’s about enjoying the presentation of the nominees and anxious anticipation while waiting to find out who is going to win the grand prize. We’ve had the unique pleasure of utilizing our strength, experience and drive to support Sniper Skin, the 2015 LiON’S LAIR winner, as well as Ranggo, the 2014 winner.

What are you most looking forward to in this year’s competition?

There are some excellent businesses this year. The competition is maturing, and many of the entrants already have viable business models. It is always exciting to see their passion and watch them grow. As a community, we can help and support them in this growth. We truly look forward to providing support, advice and expertise at every stage of growth for any one of the finalists. Working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to provide analytical insight, strategic direction and business building ideas is what gets us excited.

Anything you’d like to say to this year’s finalists?

Keep your passion! If you are not successful in winning at LiON’S LAIR, keep pushing. You have already proved the concept, do not be discouraged. Do not be afraid to pivot or shift. Do not be afraid to solicit feedback. Apply what you have learned from this experience to the everyday operation of your business. Establish your own networking connection with many of the LiON’S LAIR support businesses and sponsors. Look to them for advice, guidance and connections with other business leaders. To quote Bill Nye, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Learn from others.

How can we connect with you/your company?

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Email: [email protected]
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