Orbital employs a talented team that brings innovative digital projects to life. When working with clients, they use a unique, cooperative approach throughout the development process. Whether you need top to bottom development & execution of your website, mobile or native app; or simply require quick, agile turnarounds – Orbital has got you covered.

We were excited to find out more about Orbital’s latest projects and hear their predictions for how IoT (Internet of Things), AR (augmented reality), and other new technologies will change how we consume digital media.

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What is unique about Orbital’s approach to digital projects?

Digital is all we do.

It has always been our belief that as long as we are doing what we love, we will be able to do it better than anyone else.

We know and love so many full-service agencies that have phenomenal branding and marketing teams. Most of them will also have a small digital department of their own, to help them accomplish the digital components of a client’s overall campaign – but when they need to deliver a truly exceptional experience, they often turn to us. People come to us when they want to do things different; to create something you don’t see everyday.

What are some cost-effective, accessible resources that small businesses can consider for improving their digital presence?

As a small business ourselves, we understand as well as anyone, it’s a tough landscape out there. Everyone has access to a space on the internet, but the trick is not getting lost amongst the crowd. The first thing we might say to someone with limited resources, is not to waste too much time re-inventing the wheel. There are lot of great existing tools at your disposal, but take the time and do your research. Want better SEO results? Sorry – but there are no quick tricks. Content creation is key! Make the time, write that blog, share it on social media, and engage with anyone who likes or comments on your posts. WordPress Plugins like Yoast can assist you in enhancing your content to meet best practices.

What are some trends you see emerging in the way clients and audiences consume digital media?

We’re at a very interesting time in this industry with there being so many new and emerging technologies to speak of. We’ve been working in IoT, augmented reality and other physical/digital engagements for a while, and we’re noticing that people are starting to see the potential now. It’s increasingly possible to accomplish anything you can dream up.

We’ve found that clients are reaching out to us for ideas we’d proposed ages ago – because now they’ve actually seen things like ‘Pokemon Go’ in action and have that point of reference. There’s more of a readiness to hop on board with new forms of user and audience engagement.

You recently created Carina, your first IoT product. Can you tell us a little bit more about the project how it will evolve? (i.e. with the introduction of augmented reality)

One of the promises we often make to our clients is to think ‘outside the box’ for them. Sometimes, that means thinking ‘outside the browser’ too. Carina was born from that idea. We knew if we were ever going to be able to start talking to our clients about digital products, in any sort of real way, they were going to need to be able to see it first.

We frequent a lot of community business or networking events, and we noticed that organizers spend a lot of time taking photos, adding branding, thinking of captions, etc. We saw immediately that this is something that could so easily be handled by a product like Carina. We’re very proud of the success of Carina, but really, that’s just one of countless applications we see as possible with the technologies available today. We’ll be introducing new products like Carina in the coming months.

What does it mean to Orbital to support LiON’S LAIR and the work that Innovation Factory does?

The amazing work done by LiON’s LAIR and Innovation Factory, aligns very closely with our own philosophy. We are big believers that a community thrives when its members build each other up and support each other. What’s good for one of us, more often than not, means good for all. It’s exciting to see people in your community succeed – in a way, you almost feel like you’re sharing it with each other. We’re all in this together.

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