Epiphany Coaches is a professional coaching company offering end to end design and management for a variety of coaching programs.

Working with their clients, Epiphany implements their Enterprise Coaching System, a full end to end solution, that delivers results for business. From planning and development to coach selection, launch communications, quality coaching and measurement, their proven solutions have been tested by thousands of people.

Professional coaching services can be beneficial for both large enterprises and early stage startups.

Our partners make LiON’S LAIR possible. Because of their support, local entrepreneurs are able to reach their goals faster. We are proud to feature invaluable tips, advice, and information from our partners for startups and small businesses in Hamilton!  

How can leadership coaching help an early stage startup founder and their business?

Coaching accelerates progress and results. In the early stages, start-up founders benefit from the inherent aspects of coaching: providing focus and structure to sort through the steady stream of obstacles and opportunities which results in clear priorities, less overwhelm and next steps to drive results. Coaching also supports building influence, relationships, and capability to achieve results.

Leaders, especially startup founders, must be capable of influencing downwards (to their team), across (to co-founders), and upwards (to investors and board members).

Influence drives speed, organizational agility, and enhances team performance. Interpersonal challenges are often roadblocks to organizational growth, and coaching has been proven to foster better workplace relationships by providing perspective and guidance to manage conflict and collaboration more effectively. This accelerates growth, progress, and results. Coaching focuses on supporting you on the specific goals you define for your coaching.

Does professional coaching only help those in leadership positions? Can others benefit?

Coaching accelerates growth, development and results no matter who the client is. While senior leaders or key employees are usually targeted for coaching, it is an excellent development solution for all individuals within an organization, including leaders new-in-role and high-potential employees.

Leadership coaching supports existing leaders and readies new leaders to lead change, lead teams, and build their level of influence and to drive business results. This helps build a pipeline of strong future leaders and ensure company sustainability in the medium-to-long term.

Why is developing a personal brand important for career growth or growing a business?

Your “personal brand” is just a fancy term for your reputation or your public image. It is how people describe you and the value you contribute.

If you have a strong brand, people know what you stand for, what your strengths are, and what makes you different so they consider you for opportunities more easily.

Having a strong personal brand applies to gaining customers more quickly, being an effective leader, and often puts you into consideration for the right career opportunities, as people are easily able to identify you as someone they want to work with.

How does/should leadership differ between a small startup and a larger organization? Are there different skills needed?

No matter how big an organization is or what industry it’s in, every leader must determine what leadership is required and the core aspects of leadership remain the same: leading a team towards a goal, managing change, building influence and impact, and developing the capabilities of your people. However, the size of the company often determines how leadership is put into action.

Larger organizations have more formally defined sets of competencies, skills, and behaviours that guide how leadership is enacted across a complex ecosystem. Leadership in small startups occurs in a much smaller context: small startups have a stronger sense of urgency to have an impact, and fewer resources and systems to make that impact. Typically, there is a stronger need to produce results faster. Fortunately, the smaller team size and 24/7 contact between team members gives founders and early employees the opportunity to define what leadership means in that organization together quickly.

Regardless of company size, every leader should take the time to consider what is required of them by taking into account their strengths, personal style, business requirements, and the needs of their team.

What does it mean to Epiphany to support LION’S LAIR and the work that Innovation Factory does?

As a global coaching company that has been operating out of Hamilton for the past sixteen years, we are excited and honoured to have the opportunity to support up-and-coming business leaders through LiON’S LAIR. We have followed the competition since it began, and have been consistently impressed with the talented and innovative teams presenting each year.

Our biggest niche is working with technology companies and innovative firms, so we are especially looking forward to working with one of those teams moving forward.

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