Corus Entertainment Inc. (parent company of AM900 CHML) is a leading media and content company that creates and delivers high quality brands and content across platforms for audiences around the world. The company’s portfolio of multimedia offerings encompasses 45 specialty television services, 39 radio stations, 15 conventional television stations, a global content business, digital assets, live events, children’s book publishing, animation software, technology and media services.

Here in Hamilton, local radio stations owned by Corus have a long history of community involvement and promoting local small businesses. AM900 CHML has been an instrumental supporter of our LiON’S LAIR finalists each year, and continues to do so for 2017.

Our partners make LiON’S LAIR possible. Because of their support, local entrepreneurs are able to reach their goals faster. We are proud to feature invaluable tips, advice, and information from our partners for startups and small businesses in Hamilton!  

Why are community partnerships with Hamilton businesses and organizations important to Corus Radio Hamilton?

Community partnerships with Hamilton businesses and organizations are important to Corus Radio Hamilton for a couple of reasons. Firstly, being a local Hamilton station, we are able to effectively promote community events hosted by local businesses which draw Hamiltonians to engage in the goings on within their own community.

We are also able to offer Hamilton businesses who advertise with us 3 distinctive formats and the ability to speak directly to 3 distinctive audiences in our community: males 25-54, females 25-54 and baby boomers. In doing so they can create top of mind awareness which is paramount in order to achieve radio marketing success.

This gives businesses the means to frequently effectively interact with their customers and potential customers even if or when they aren’t in the market for the business’ product or service. Essentially we are a word of mouth mechanism which communicates through a microphone that provides exponential reach in the local community.

Can you tell us a bit more about Corus Radio Hamilton’s different properties and the audiences they serve?

AM900 CHML is a local community talk show format known as Hamilton’s breaking news leader on air, online and on site. People who use CHML tune into hear the news, talk, and sports information they need to stay informed.

  • audience composition is typically 45+
  • 54% female
  • 18% earning an income over $100k
  • 44% retired
  • 65% married
  • 22% are business owners, managers, and professionals
  • 76,600 weekly listeners

Fresh FM 95.3 is a greater Hamilton hot adult contemporary station whose primary listenership are 25-54 year old females.

  • the audience is 68% female
  • 36% earn a household income of $100k +
  • 31% have kids under 12
  • 52% are married or in common law relationships
  • 169,500 weekly listeners

Y108 delivers the best classic/mainstream rock in the Hamilton market.

  • 58% are male
  • 24% earn an income of $125k +
  • 24% have kids
  • 52% married or living common law
  • 22% of listeners are employed in tech or skilled trades type jobs
  • 17% work in sales/service industry
  • 196,500 weekly listeners

Corus Radio Hamilton is an integrated media and content company that creates, broadcasts, licenses and delivers content across a variety of platforms. Why is a multi-platform approach important in today’s media landscape?

In an evolving landscape where traditional media is now in constant competition with social media and digital marketing vehicles, we are tasked with becoming more and more innovative in the ways in which we deliver our content to our audiences.

23% of our content is now being accessed through mobile devices while another 20% of our audience interacts with our stations through their home or work computers which creates more opportunities for Corus to leverage a whole new visual component we never had with radio before. Our announcers can now have a face attached to their voice and can entertain our audiences by interacting with them using social media live videos, YouTube and the like.

How can a local small business benefit from coverage or advertising on the radio?

Local small businesses can benefit by creating memorable advertisements that help differentiate businesses against their competitors. When you ask consumers which products come to mind in a given industry they will choose the business they have “heard” of and feel the best about, recall and trust. More often than not, these are regular radio advertisers who CAN achieve top recall because of consistent and frequent contact with their potential and existing customers.

What does it mean to Corus Radio Hamilton to support LiON’S LAIR and the work that Innovation Factory does?

A Corus media partnership with LiON’S LAIR in support Innovation Factory helps us to identify new and innovative businesses in the community. We can promote these businesses to a larger potential customer base or create awareness about the kinds of opportunities that exist by standing behind a business idea an individual or group of individuals are passionate about.

This post is sponsored by our generous LiON’S LAIR partner, Corus Radio Hamilton (AM900 CHML). Learn more about them here.