Startup founders and small business owners are known for their hard work and dedication.  However, many do not consider the incredible value that leadership and career coaching provides to a growing business. Coaching firm Communica has been a supporter of LiON’S LAIR for five years and owners Gordon and Marilyn Neufeld have a long history of helping local businesses think and act differently.

Using a unique group of processes, such as personality and leadership assessments, Communica helps clients define their authentic leadership. When leaders can align their values with positive action, they can achieve their individual, team, and organizational goals.

Our partners make LiON’S LAIR possible. Because of their support, local entrepreneurs are able to reach their goals faster. We are proud to feature invaluable tips, advice, and information from our partners for startups and small businesses in Hamilton!  

Communica uses a process called Careerology: can you tell us a bit more about this and why it’s important to plan your career journey?

If you are not actively involved in planning and implementing your Career Journey then someone else will be making these decisions for you. Having a vision for your career with specific goals and strategies helps you in the short, medium and long term. This vision can help you set a pace for your plan and know when it’s time to create new opportunities and modify your course in a fashion that works for you.

How can a small startup team collectively take advantage of coaching? Why is it important to engage a whole team?

Coaching is an ideal process for building the collective engagement and collaboration of a small startup team so that it is focusing on the right marketplace opportunities at the right time in the right way. Coaching focuses on what you are working towards and how you will work together to get there. Using team coaching with a certified coach as facilitator has proven to be highly valuable for many of our small business clients including former LiON’S LAIR winners. Bringing issues to team coaching enables each member to contribute to team success in an environment of shared learning, development and cohesive team performance.

Why is it important to balance the development of professional AND personal growth?

We approach any development opportunity, whether it is professional or personal. Personal success is the result of an individual’s ability to form and deepen relationships. Our brain doesn’t differentiate when it comes to learning. Reading a professional journal can provide new information for work, ideas to increase our personal performance, and relaxation. Personal development to increase our authenticity, our brand’s trust, and our understanding of ourselves and others leads to our success. Any development is good development! All skills and learning are transferable.

More and more students and young professionals are starting businesses: how can young entrepreneurs uniquely benefit from Communica’s coaching process?

We are experienced coaches who have worked with hundreds of individuals at all stages of their career and their business growth. We have successfully built our own businesses. We have a particular passion working with young professionals who are starting businesses. Helping teams/businesses get focused and build processes to ensure success along with energizing the business with a passionate committed team is what we do best. We are energized by change, we think differently and help teams do things in innovative ways that add value. Because we are successful small business owners who have mentored and coached many small business owners, we deeply understand the life of a small business owner. We provide coaching that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals and ambitions while navigating the daily challenges of starting and growing a business.

What does it mean to Communica to support LiON’S LAIR and the work that Innovation Factory does?

We are honoured to have supported LiON’S LAIR and the Innovation Factory for five years. We feel proud when our name is called with all of the other supporters of this wonderful initiative in this great community. As entrepreneurs, we believe strongly that entrepreneurship is the driver of the economic engine in Canada and tied to the future success of this country. This community building celebration lasts way beyond one night. The relationships we build with our coachees through LiON’S LAIR and the successes of the companies and individuals who soar beyond what they thought possible make this our pleasure.


This post is sponsored by our generous LiON’S LAIR partner, Communica. Learn more about them here. 

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