2018 LiONS LAIR winners and Lions.
From L-R: Benjamin Lee (Altius Analytics), Julie Ellis (Lion), Stuart Wheldon (Lion), Paul Fowler (MesoMat), Sukhbir Kalirai (MesoMat), Chat Ingles (Fotaflo), Cole Krishner (AgeRate), Ryan O’Grady (Fotaflo), Nathan Cawte (AgeRate), Anita Grant (Fleeky), Ruth Todd (Lion), Daniel Kube (Lion).

At the 2018 Gala, five companies walked away with prizes after being selected as winners of the 8th annual LiONS LAIR. One year later, the companies are continuing to grow and expand.

Sukhbir Kalirai and Paul Fowler from MesoMat

1st Place Winner: MesoMat

In March MesoMat closed an oversubscribed seed round of close to US$1M led by a small US based VC firm Acequia Capital who were early investors in several highly successful hardware companies including Square. As a company, MesoMat have shifted their focus away from wearables and toward the use of MesoMat fibres as sensors to monitor strain, fracture and failure in critical material systems such as airplane wings and wind turbine blades. They are engaged with major OEMs in aerospace and are also working with large diversified chemical companies.

MesoMat is currently seeking engineers and scientists to join our growing technical team and play a key role in their R&D efforts. For more information about MesoMat visit their website at mesomat.com

Benjamin Lee from Altius Analytics Labs with the 2018 LiONS

2nd Place Winner: Altius Analytics Labs

After winning 2nd place at LiONS LAIR 2018, Altius Analytics Labs secured a $200,000 investment from IDEaS, the Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security Program, to fund their pilot testing phase.

Benjamin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Altius, credited the LiONS LAIR pitch training he received from Innovation Factory in preparing him for his most recent investment pitches.

Learn more about Altius Analytics Labs visit altiusanalyticslabs.com

Chad Ingles and Ryan O’Grady from Fotaflo

3rd Place Winner: Fotaflo

It’s been an exciting year for Fotaflo! The company completed a major pivot that started a couple of years ago that included developing a new business model, rewriting all of their software, and redesigning all of their business processes. Fotaflo is now a true software-as-a-service company with standard monthly and annual subscriptions.

In the past 12 months Fotaflo has reached a major milestone by achieving $100,000 in annual subscription value in the first 6 months of offering standard plans. Their focus on giving away photos to all customers instead of selling souvenir photos to a small fraction of them has been proven in the marketplace and sets us apart from competitors. There are far more businesses that can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising by giving away photos than there are businesses that could sell photos.

Fotaflo actively exploring many new markets that are available now that they have successfully reinvented their services so that it is easier to sign-up, implement, and operate.

Learn more about Fotaflo at fotaflo.com

Anita Grant from Fleeky

Hamilton Award: Fleeky

Since LiONS LAIR 2018 Fleeky has seen a lot of growth. Fleeky currently has over 900 professionals in their network, with New York & Toronto as the most active hubs.

Fleeky was also a recipient of the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) SmartStart seed fund and is on track to launch a new website in addition to their first-ever mobile app this September.

Learn more about Fleeky at fleeky.ca

Cole Krishner and Nathan Cawte from AgeRate

People’s Choice Award: AgeRate

Since Lions Lair 2018, AgeRate has expanded its team from 3 to 12 people. The AgeRate team is finalizing the validations of their biological age test and expect the test to be available for purchase later this year.

You can reserve your spot to be one of the first to be tested by registering on their website at www.age-rate.com.