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LiON'S LAIR 2018

MesoMat Wins 2018 LiON’S LAIR Competition!

MesoMat Wins $76,000 at LiON’S LAIR 2018 With Their “Conductible, Body Conforming, Wearable Technology” Hamilton, ON (Sept 28, 2018) – After almost two months of anticipation, the winners of the 8th annual LiON’S LAIR Competition were Read more...

LiON'S LAIR 2018

LiONS LAIR 2018 – Where are they now?

At the 2018 Gala, five companies walked away with prizes after being selected as winners of the 8th annual LiONS LAIR. One year later, the companies are continuing to grow and expand. 1st Place Winner: Read more...

LiON'S LAIR 2018

MesoMat: Stretching Material Possibilities

In 2018, when MesoMat took home top prize at the 8th annual LiONS LAIR competition, their flexible fibres were targeting the wearable tech industry.  Today their focus is on a much larger target. “Wearables were Read more...