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2015 Finalists


Blue Orchid Care Inc.
Empathy, design, innovation.



Blue Orchid designs and develops assistive technologies and rehabilitation tools to empower patient care and the caregiving experience. Their mission is to create simple and innovative solutions for challenges millions of caregivers face every day, improving the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Their first product, ORCHIDlift, is a compact and portable sit-to-stand lift which allows the caregiver to lift and transfer 3x their weight limit and eliminates the forward bending motion and twisting of the spine that can cause back injury.

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Live your list!



BuckitLife is an online adventure tourism hub that connects consumers to service providers who can fulfill the activities on consumers’ bucket lists. They partner with service providers, promote their services, and drive sales on behalf of the merchants by inspiring people to pursue their dreams and live their bucket lists. We can’t choose how we age or when we pass, but we can choose how we live!

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Chipsetter Inc.
A factory in every workshop

chipsetter_logo (1)

10-ChipsetterChipsetter Inc. is developing a low-cost pick-and­-place machine for the printed circuit board  (PCB) assembly process that is 10 times more cost effective than existing entry-level machines, easier to use, and quicker to set up thanks to their low-cost feeder design. Chipsetter’s mission is to democratize access to advanced manufacturing technologies, and put a factory in every workshop.

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ExVivo Labs Inc.
Allergy testing made safe, simple and certain


ExVivoExVivo Labs is developing skin patch technologies to make allergy testing less invasive and more accurate. Their technology provides an alternative allergy testing method to the commonly used skin prick test, and gives results that are safe, simple and certain.

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QReserve Inc.
Research Together


7-QReserveQReserve is a matchmaking service for researchers, students and businesses. They connect people who need research equipment, services or expertise and help Canadians accelerate their innovative research and development projects. Research partnerships are formed with the help of their publicly searchable database of research resources, which spans labs across Canada in universities, colleges, hospitals and research institutions.

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Sniper Skin
Because simple is awesome


15-SniperSkin-2Sniper Skin is a sports equipment manufacturing company that has created a revolutionary hockey tape alternative. They are parents, players and coaches that have found ways to improve the games they love. Their products aim to improve the game experience and reduce the effort required to prepare equipment for play, saving you money by extending the useful life of your sports gear.

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Tribute Tree Inc.

TribueTree2 (1)

13-TributeTreeFor funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoriums, Tribute Tree is the only Software as a Service (SaaS) website platform that meets all of the funeral planning, arrangement and digital communications needs of their customers (families) during their time of loss, while resulting in increased website traffic, more funeral pre-planning leads, increased revenue, and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

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Virtual Possibilities


8-Virtual PossibilitiesVirtual Possibilities has developed a patented, prototyped medical device for minimally invasive surgery. Comparable to the classic board game Operation, LaparoGuard tracks and records the delicate movements of laparoscopic tools during surgery, alerting medical teams when instruments approach the boundaries of an established safe zone. The overall effect is to reduce and prevent instrument and tissue collisions that cause injury during surgery.

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Watch perfectly synced videos together. Anywhere.

WeMesh logo for Innovation Factory

14-WeMeshWeMesh is the world’s first truly synchronous multimedia messenger app, letting users experience their favourite videos in perfect sync with all their friends while messaging through text and voice. WeMesh features simultaneous video playback, a versatile chat engine, high-quality Voice-over-IP, and full contacts and social network integration.

For more information on WeMesh, read their full biography.


See good. Do good. Feel good.


1-xocialxocial™ (soh-shuhl) is a platform to motivate do-gooders, inspire healthy competition and help organizations engage audiences, all by measuring positive social impact with the xo score™ and making it easy to bring out the good in everyone, one thank you at a time. The xocial platform helps brands, non-profits, charitable foundations, employers and third-party apps connect with everyday heroes. Together, we can gamify goodness and make the world suck a little less.

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Eliminated Finalists

12 Squared Diagnostics
Know, don’t hope



12 Squared Diagnostics has a diagnostic test for new oral anticoagulants. It uses a drop of blood from a finger-prick at point-of-care, providing results in just 30 minutes.

For more information on 12 Squared Diagnostics, read their full biography.




The no-moving-parts CPU cooler


9-NanoSpin-2NanoSpin presents a patent-pending cooling technology for computer servers. The result of a decade of research, this technology can reduce energy consumption of a data center by up to 50%, and reduce its real-estate footprint to a fifth.

For more information on NanoSpin, read their full biography.



Tasytt, formerly OneBase
Getting teams up to speed



Tasytt is a web platform that allows teams to effectively and efficiently onboard their members. Tasytt lets you track the effectiveness of your initiatives, engage your new team members, and offers a one-stop-shop that is accessible anywhere – desktop or mobile.

For more information on Tasytt, read their full biography.



Peytec Inc.
Smart Solutions


12-PeytecPeytec offers real-time location tracking and sensing solutions. They help agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and logistics industries to better manage their inventory and product quality through utilization of scalable sensors and location chips. Peyetc’s cloud based system enables visibility of inventory for both staff and management teams in real-time.

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Qidni Labs Inc.


2-QidniQidni Labs Inc. is working on an implantable renal replacement therapy (artificial kidney) for nearly three million patients with end-stage renal disease.

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